If you were to construct a building, the highest point would always be the SPIRE — standing tall and reaching for the stars. We practice this same philosophy when constructing your new marketing campaign, brand message or identity. At SPIRE we take fierce pride in holding ourselves to a higher level.


    SPIRE is a full-service advertising & public relations agency positioned in Mobile, Alabama. Founded by Carl Norman and Harriet Shade, SPIRE is a young agency with deep rooted values, having over 35 years of excellence in the industry.


    Yes, we sweat the small stuff for you. We think smart, stay current and work hard for our clients finding unique marketing solutions in an ever-changing technological landscape while keeping your message relevant and a level above the your competitor’s.

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Harriet Shade


This East Coast transplant’s first words at nine months old were “light bulb” and once uttered, according to her mother, she’s been full of bright ideas and has yet to shut up. Her love of words quickly parlayed into a passion for writing. Harriet has had plenty of life experience following grad school at the University of South Alabama. From being a key partner in a local newspaper startup to handling the demands of being an editor and featured columnist to working as the Communications Director for Mobile tourism to transitioning into the full service agency world, she has spent over 14 successful years in the realm of public relations, and yep, she’s still talking…a lot.


Carl Norman


When not training for a marathon (he’s run six) or bragging to his old friends in Chicago about the mild southern weather, you’ll find Carl racing around the office showing off his latest designs. As an Art Director/Creative Director in the advertising industry for over twenty-five years and armed with a degree in Graphic Design from the University of Illinois, Carl has helped to sell everything from antiperspirants to air conditioning, from financial services to software, from fast food to healthcare. His work in television, print, radio, outdoor, direct mail and web design has earned a number of prestigious awards and the thanks of many blue chip and global clients including Proctor & Gamble, Carrier, Aventis, SSA Global and Wal-Mart. Carl relocated with his family from Chicago to Mobile, Alabama in 2010.


Abbey Roam

Assistant Marketing Director

Standing at an impressive 6 feet it’s easy to see why Abbey is a formidable volleyball player and coach. It may also explain her elevated level of creative talent. As a transplant from Missouri, Abbey graduated with a Bachelor of Graphic Design Degree from Spring Hill College in Mobile. Her areas of expertise span from building websites, illustrating books to designing catalogs. And with Minors in Studio Arts and Public Relations it is clear that Abbey is a natural fit and a well-rounded addition to the SPIRE team. Not to mention she has a wicked serve.